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A Message to "Temporary" Homeschoolers

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Temporary homeschoolers: There IS a way to escape the STRESS, BOREDOM, AND TEDIUM of the public school learning packets!

Celebration Education is shipping their fun in-person classes out to families to experience DYNAMIC, HANDS-ON LEARNING AT HOME! It's not just a packet of papers - it's packed with materials for PROJECTS, CRAFTS, AND EXPERIMENTS!

Now that we've all escaped the classrooms, we actually have MORE opportunities for authentic learning. "School" does not begin and end with classrooms, textbooks, lectures, and worksheets. As a matter of fact, school comes alive when kids get to participate in real-life experiences. This is where Celebration Education comes in!

You can temporarily withdraw from your current school and allow Celebration Education teachers to guide your children through exciting learning experiences! Although you're stuck at home, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE STUCK WITH THE CLASSROOM MINDSET! You can break into exciting and natural learning right now, right at home and give your children the dynamic and interactive learning they crave! YOUR CHILDREN DESERVE TO ENJOY LEARNING! The most DYNAMIC AND EFFECTIVE learning experiences are done through real-life hands-on activities. Tell your friends to join with you so your kids can be in the online part with their real-life friends! Learn more.

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