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Celebration Education's Learning Bottega

Where learning is not just academic - it's an experience! 

Hidden Talents Ceramic Studio

In Huntington Harbor
Hidden Talents is a paint-your-own pottery studio that also offers hand-building clay classes, party hosting, and tile fundraising. Walk-in hours for painting pottery are Tues/Thurs/Sat from 11am-4pm. Hand-building clay classes can be scheduled for groups of 6 or more any day/time of the week. The hand-building classes are 2-4 session classes 1.5 hours long each. Learn the foundational techniques of building in ceramic clay as well as glazing techniques. These classes offer tactile experiences that help young learners focus and use their imagination to create amazing works of art and sculpture. Classes for children, adults, and family groups. 

Youth PhysEd Services LLC

Physical Education Classes are taught by certified teachers for homeschool, charter schools, and individual students. Classes offered can be daily, weekly, monthly, and full semesters. Prices vary depending on the schedule. For more info contact: Bob Barone

EMH Sports

EMH Sports offers students the physical benefits associated with involvement in organized sports and fitness activities including improvements in hand-eye coordination, balance, aerobic capacity, and body awareness. Their simple premise is to create a fun and safe environment for kids under the supervision of trained instructors. EMH provides skill-based P.E. instruction for the homeschool network for grades Pre-K-12th. Check out their class locations at:  EMH classes teach the basic skills in a safe and enjoyable manner and your child can join in at any time during the sport month. A certificate of completion is available after every sport month. More info…   Toll Free: 855-213-4443 ex. 3

Learning Camp for Kids 
in Orange
Learning Camp for Kids is a non-profit educational enrichment program located in the historic Orange Plaza which provides grade-school age kids with fun and engaging classes in many subject areas including music, dance, and visual arts to health, home economics, and natural sciences. Learning Camp for Kids offers custom-tailored daytime programs from 9am-2pm to help meet the unique needs of homeschool families. For more information or to enroll, contact the Program Administrator, Tarina, at or 714-487-5093.


in Fountain Valley

All of the classes offered are available for K-8th and are Mon-Fri. You can choose all 5 days or whichever ones you like.  The primary Oku instructors who are responsible for the academic classes (Math, Language Arts, and STEAM) are credentialed teachers and well versed in formative assessments to determine a child's academic level and knowledge base.  Children are placed in groups and classes according to their academic level and work on differentiated assignments for Math and Language Arts.

American Academy of Strategic Education

in Mission Viejo and Newport Mesa


Arbor Learning Community

in Fullerton

The Arbor is a non-profit, secular, homeschool organization offering academic classes.


in North Orange County
Homeschool multi age program. A new program offered in partnership with Christ Lutheran School, in Brea, to support homeschooling students in grades 1-6. Multi-age classes will be taught by qualified instructors on Wednesdays and Thursdays and will cover Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. For more information, contact Chandra LaRose:

The Impact Program

in Cypress

University Style Classes for Home Educated Students in Grades 6-12

Impact Program Philosophy

Each student is a unique individual. Therefore, in order to help students reach their full potential as human beings, The Impact Program assists families of home educated students by offering semester-long classes for students in grades 6-12 which appeal to various types of learners and intelligences while emphasizing logical, analytical thinking, creativity, development of positive values and leadership skills. Our goal is to help prepare students to be caring, responsible, active members of society.

Impact Program Methodology

  • Core and elective classes taught by credentialed or certified teachers with decades of combined experience!!   (See Course Descriptions for Instructor Qualifications)

  • Classes will be geared to meet the educational needs of all types of learners, challenging students to develop analytical thinking, logic, and creativity of expression. We hope to help students develop into the leaders of tomorrow!

  • Enrollment remains open for semester-long classes until the class reaches its maximum.

  • Weekly 60 minute classes (gr. 6-8) or 90-minute classes (gr. 7-12).  At-home assignments also given.

  • Minimum 2 students, maximum of 10 students per class (Instructors set their own minimum.).

  • All Private Independent

  • that we have been asked to contact will accept these classes. We are currently vendors with Excel College PrepAcademy and Sky Mountain. We can provide a syllabus and/or contact your program.

  • Quarter or Semester scores evaluations will be sent to parents

Discovery of Learning Center (DOL)

in Yorba Linda

Multi-age core and elective classes for homeschoolers.

Independent Learning Academy (ILA)

in Aliso Viejo

ILA is a ministry to the homeschooling community that will help to equip students with skills, knowledge, and opportunities that will prepare them for success and independence as young adults. Our vision is one that embraces and encompasses the whole child and provides them with an innovative curriculum, classes, and structure that gives them a different paradigm of education in which to thrive and express themselves.

ILA’s independent study program for homeschooling families can be customized to meet each student’s academic and elective needs and desires. Whether you homeschool through a private satellite program, file your own affidavit with the state, or belong to a charter school program, ILA is a place where your students can take academically rewarding classes and electives taught by teachers who are leading specialists in their field of study.

Homeschool Family Ministries

in Huntington Beach

Home School Family Ministries is a 501c(3), a non-profit religious organization offering a variety of academic, elective, and PE classes for Christian home school families grades K-12. 

C3 Classes

in Mission Viejo

Homeschool Classes Taught in South Orange County - Mission Viejo

We partner with you to achieve the results of your child's maximum learning potential.

We consistently create a learning environment that is:
interactive • engaging • collaborative • purposeful • challenging
We utilize the power of collaboration to bring varied skills and styles to our classes.
We provide high-quality instruction at fair rates with a desirable student: teacher ratio.
We offer classes for 1st grade through high school students in the areas of:
Public Speaking  •  Speech and Debate  • Geography
Literature  •  Writing  •  Study Skills  • Science    


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