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An amazing learning center
is coming to OC!

A Shared Facility - 
a Vision of the Future!

Learning Center: Services


It's an environment, it's an experience, it's inspiring, it's community.

Do you offer any of these services?

We want you here!!

(only one business from each category will be included)

  • dance classes

  • martial arts

  • art classes

  • music classes

  • gymnastics

  • maker studio

  • yoga

  • table tennis club

  • tutoring

  • homeschool resource center

  • homeschool classes

  • summer day camps

  • after school care

  • hall rental

  • community classes and events

  • teen center

  • preschool classes

  • network gaming

  • Café

  • small alternative school

  • ...or some other great services!!

What's so special about this center?

Families and students who take daytime or after school classes here may have access to the common areas and enclosed park.

Each year we dress the facility to reflect the theme for the year. For example, for 2016-2017 the year's, theme was "The Magic of..." This is inspired by the Harry Potter books, so the facility would magically turn into a Hogwarts extension school. The walls, floor, decorations, and even smell would be Hogwarts' style!

What will the building be like?

​It will...

  • be beautiful, open and airy

  • be warm and inviting

  • promote a feeling of acceptance and possibility

  • have lots of natural lighting

  • accommodate collaboration and project-based learning

  • allow students to move about freely

  • be clean and uncluttered

  • have room to move about

  • have an environment that reflects what is being learned

  • have a large, natural setting yard

  • have several classrooms surrounding a common area

The facility will feature...

  • learning resources

  • science equipment

  • art & craft supplies

  • maker space

  • music equipment

  • sports equipment

  • library

  • community kitchen

  • large meeting/rec room

  • several small classrooms

  • outdoor play space

The facility can also have...​​

  • curriculum store

  • pro shop

  • café 

  • indoor play area

  • covered patio

  • flower and vegetable gardens

  • sports areas

  • exercise equipment

  • trees to climb

  • tutoring cubicles

  • “hang-out” space with features such as board games, couches, foosball, table tennis, and pool tables

Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?


  • Who will offer services here?
    Anyone who offers classes and other programming that is educational and/or community-building

  • Who will use these services?
    Families, children, homeschoolers, clubs

  • What will be offered?
    A variety of interesting classes, workshops, and clubs

  • Where will this facility be?
    We have been looking for the right facility for over ten years. Finding the right place is not easy. We may need to create it from scratch. Most of our search has been held in the Orange County, CA area. We have also looked in Yucaipa, CA. We are open to any place where this facility might be successful.

  • When will this come together?
    This could happen any time. If an incredible facility is discovered, we will want to move quickly to get in. We need to have the various businesses also ready to go when that place is found.

  • How will this come together? We need to hear from you! Let us know if you have even the slightest interest in this project. We need to collect great child/family-centered services now so we will be ready when the right place comes available!! Please complete the form on the left and we will be in touch!

  • How much will this cost to participate?
    Our hope is that this great facility can be made available to your business at the same cost or possibly significantly less expensive than you may be paying now. Because you only pay for the time when you're actually using the rooms, you can potentially provide a better experience to your clients and have it cost less to you!

  • Why are we doing this?
    Because this will be AWESOME!!

Who wouldn't want to be part of this great place??

Contact Celebration Education to get involved in this project!

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