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Independent study through a private school.
Some of these private schools provide curriculum and classes, others don't.

Private School Satellite Programs: About

HEART Christian Academy
    Signature Two Day Program combines the Best of Both Worlds.
Experience the flexibility of homeschooling combined with the structure of a small classroom setting. Junior Kindergarten-8th grade students spend either Monday and Wednesday -or- Tuesday and Thursday of each week in grade-level classes at the Mariners Church Ocean Hills campus.  Using HEART Academy’s curriculum lists, the classroom instructor for each grade creates lesson plans for use both at home and on-campus.  These tools give parents the confidence to act as their children's primary instructor, teaching at home the other three days of the week.  In this unique program, the parent-teacher and the on-campus instructor work as a team to provide a multi-faceted learning experience. 7th/8th grade Junior High Apprentice Program ( emphasizes the value of Logic, Leadership, Public Speaking, Academic Study Strategies, Biblical Finance, Inductive Bible Study, Christian Worldview, and Personal Health, in addition to the traditional academic curriculum areas of Language Arts, Math, History, and Science.
    Or choose 5 Days at Home through the Home School Partnership program. 
Serving students from Kindergarten-8th grade and providing the same state-required legal covering as the Two Day Program, the HSP program benefits families who are educating their children at home full time.  Additionally, HEART Academy’s HSP families receive the guidance and support of a Master Teacher, the option of using HEART Academy’s curriculum lists and lesson plans as well as the chance to participate in electives classes, field trips, chapels and evening performances.


BayShore School 
BayShore School's philosophy is to empower each family so that they may develop the best approach to nurturing their children's education. BayShore does not require nor provide a specific curriculum, but rather they are available to assist families to meet the individual needs of each child while staying within the parameters set forth by the California Education Code. BayShore School offers resources, guidance, and encouragement to its enrolled families, both newcomers to independent study, as well as long time practitioners of this growing educational alternative. 


Biola Youth Academics PSP

Are you looking for a PSP that provides community-building opportunities within a Christian environment? Direct your family's education with the backing and support of one of the most trusted names in evangelical education.

What Makes Us Unique:

  • Proximity to Biola University with an array of professorial educators, consultants, conferences, speakers, and Christian worldview resources 

  • Reputation of over 105 years of biblically-centered education, scholarship, and service

  • Leadership with a combined 30 years of PSP administrator experience

  • Biola Youth Academics' 18 years of experience serving home educating families led by experienced home educators, classically trained educators, and traditionally trained educators

  • Biola University staff and faculty advisory council


  • Wide range of services available for a tailor-made home education experience

  • Serving the whole child: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and academically

  • Individualized education

  • Christ-centered environment

  • Parental support: administrative accountability, encouragement, and experienced counsel

  • Comparable fees

  • Group field trips and events

  • Biola University library entrance pass


Cedar Life Academy

Cedar Life Academy is a nonsectarian Private School Satellite Program (PSP) that provides paperwork assistance and homeschool mentoring to California families who wish to home-educate their children.

Cedar Life Academy is directed by Karen Taylor, a longtime homeschooler and leader in the homeschooling community. Because of her expertise and interest in California homeschooling, enrollment in Cedar Life Academy is limited to California homeschoolers.

Cedar Life Academy files a private school affidavit and maintains all of the school records that are required by the State of California.

This school does not teach children directly—the parents are the teachers of their own children. The director of the school helps ensure a successful school year by being available to provide support for Cedar Life Academy parents via email or phone whenever needed.

Cedar Life Academy does not require parent meetings or testing. Friendly regular communication is offered so that no one is homeschooling in isolation. For those families who previously had a child enrolled in another school, Cedar Life Academy will request the school records.


Covenant Christian Academy
Address: 10101 Cunningham Ave., Westminster
Phone: 714-531-9950
Web site:


Excellence in Education Academy

in Monrovia - OC families welcome

    You will be given the option to participate in a "learning style"  assessment which will provide us with an exact picture of how you and  your children like (prefer) to learn.   We have found that this  assessment has provided numerous families with great success.
    We specialize in a less formal approach and encourage creative and  fun activities. Even though we specialize in a more relaxed approach we  do accommodate any homeschool style from unschooling to pure  textbook.  Our ISP is also designed to minimize the amount of required  paperwork. We realize that most homeschool parents really do not want  to spend endless hours doing reports and attending a large number of  meetings. We have geared the program to provide individual  counseling where required and the leeway for the parents to create  their own unique homeschool style to best serve their children.
    To facilitate a well rounded educational experience we offer park days,  field trips, yearbook publication, a Boy Scout Troop, Cub Scout Pack,  various clubs and classroom teaching of selected subjects.
    EIE is directed by Carolyn Forte, a credentialed teacher, and her husband Martin, who collectively have over twenty years of teaching,  counseling, and homeschooling experience.

Hope Christian Academy
Specializing in Independent Study for conservative Christian families. Started in 1987, H.O.P.E is privately owned and not affliated with a particular denomination. H.O.P.E offers science, advanced math, and writing classes, choir and readers' theater. Some classes are open to non-members. See for more information. 


Saddleback Christian Academy
Established in 1987 to assist home school families in South Orange County. SCA's mission is to provide support in preparing well-rounded students to become responsibile students who acknowledge that God is soverign in every sphere of life. SCA offers activities and resources that richly enhance the home school curriculum established by each family. At the heart of SCA's success are the families who serve one another in a variety of disciplines as they pursue excellence in education. See: 


Founded in 2000, Sonrisa is a small independent learning center serving Orange County, CA. Sonrisa uses a rich, multi- disciplinary approach to education. They provide instruction through child's specific learning modality (linguistic, visual, spatial, kinesthetic, mathematical, interpersonal, and intra-personal) and utilize tried and tested reading programs. Sonrisa administers tests in a stress-free environment and gives timed tests only when the child is ready. The staff is qualified, experienced, and caring.


Talega Preparatory Academy (TPA)
TPA was founded by a veteran homeschooling mom and her public school teacher sister to serve as an Umbrella ISP. We have now expanded to provide an individualized, interest-based comprehensive independent study program including collaborative curriculum design, planning, and assessment. We support you in your homeschooling goals. An outstanding alternative to public and charter school ISPs which require state mandated and approved curriculum and documentation. 


Village Bible Academy
A ministry of Village Bible Church in Garden Grove. Specialized classes for elementary-aged students, record-keeping, field trips and good old-fashioned fellowship. Homeschooling is made much easier when we have support, and that's what VBA offers. Small groups introduce you to other homeschoolers in your neighborhood. Also, enrich your children's education with connections to music, theatre and Biola STAR program.


West River Academy
Since 1993---West River Academy offers FREEDOM, TRUST and a hassle-free way to graduate. No tedious record-keeping or reporting. They trust parents 100% to provide what's needed and support you with consultations and the personal touch of a fellow homeschooling mom. Parents can't believe it's so simple. Check us out! 

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