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I've finally made finding the resources I most often recommend to my clients and newsletter subscribers easy by providing you with direct links to the products for your shopping convenience.  You can now purchase these items directly from Amazon.com via this website.  Just click on the items you'd like and they will be added to your Amazon.com shopping cart.  All orders and payments are processed and fulfilled directly by Amazon.com  I like the fact that most items ship for free via Amazon.com and their prices are often discounted as well.  Their great selection makes one-stop shopping much easier and saves you both time and shipping costs. 

In addition to my monthly Top Picks, there are also links on the left to recommended resources for Social Skills, Academics, Educational Toys/Games, Parents/Teachers, and more.  I'll be adding more items every week so check back from time to time and see what's new!  The majority are all resources that I have used personally while a few are from companies whose products I have consistently been very pleased with and recommend.  If you are looking for customized curriculum suggestions or individualized educational consulting, email me at

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Additional Resources:  Click on links below to go directly to each company's website


0-99 Hundred Board (free download) *MENTIONED IN THE FALL NEWSLETTER

1-100 Hundred Board (free download)

Grammar Trainer (excellent software-based programs)

Videos/DVDs for Teaching Emotions & Actions

Christian Parenting Information

Autism in the Christian Home:  Learn about autism from a Christian doctor with her own children on the autism spectrum.  This comprehensive site includes valuable information about autism including definition, symptoms, types, diagnosis, causes, treatment, therapy, medications, home schooling, and living with autism. 

"You Can Homeschool" - Free booklet from Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) includes an insert specific to your state. 

Discount home school curriculum and lesson plans - Featuring Carson-Dellosa, Veritas Press, McGraw-Hill, Power-Glide and more. All on sale!

Design-A-Study - Books, tapes, teaching help columns, and consultations for teaching K-12, including children with various special needs.

"My Child Has Autism" Cards to Hand Out to Educate People about Your Child with Autism

Tip Booklets Covering Taking Your Child With Autism On Community Outings, Taking Your Child With Autism to Florida Theme Parks, and How to Make Home Life Easier For Your Child With Autism and the Rest of the Family 

Love & Learning -- A technique and materials (video tapes, audio tapes, books and computer programs) to help infants and toddlers with language and reading development.

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