What About Socialization?  

10 Myths of Socialization

If you've read all the myths about socialization but still think your child needs to go to school to have friends, I encourage you to read a book by an expert from UCLA on how children learn friendship skills.  The book is Good Friends are Hard to Find by Fred Frankel.  Dr. Frankel, a psychologist, is a leading expert on children's social skills and is Director of the world renowned UCLA Parent Training & Social Skills Programs.  His research and work focuses on how to help children make and keep friends. The main point of his book is that children need one-on-one play dates to make friends.  School can be a place to meet potential play dates, but it is not the only place.  If you decide to home school, your child can meet other children to set up play dates with at the various home school activities that are always available.  You can also set up play dates with neighborhood children or with children with whom your child already shares a common interest such as other children from group classes, lessons, church, or sports.  Home schooling does not mean your child is isolated.  Far from it, they are actually spending more time in the real world than their peers who are in a classroom all day. 


Articles Regarding Socialization and Homeschooling

"When Home is School, Parents Find Creative Ways to Help Their Children Socialize" 


"If there were no other reason for wanting to keep kids out of school, the social life would be reason enough." - John Holt 


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