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Homeschooling in
Orange County, CA

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What ways are available to homeschool in Orange County?
- Independent
- Private school
- Charter school
- Local Public School
- Credentialed Tutors
Find a support group where you and your children can enjoy for socialization and to share experiences. There are homeschool events happening in the area all the time.
Field Trips Classes Email list
Field trips enhance a homeschooler's learning. find out what field trips are available. Many private and group classes are available for homeschoolers in Orange County. Join the OC Homeschooling email list and receive occasional emails with news and updates on the homeschool events in the county.
Curriculum Exchange Special Needs Resources
A forum for local homeschoolers to buy and sell their used books and curriculum. Homeschooling with special needs children Other resources available to homeschoolers, including teacher supply stores and Websites.
Showcase Homeschool Alumni Teen Page
See and share what other homeschooling families do for school. Read about people who were homeschooled and lived to tell about it! Teens want to get together?
Home Based Businesses Free Web Space
Support the home based businesses of homeschoolers in Orange County. You may qualify for free Web space on this site.
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Big News!
Celebration Education
is coming to
Orange County!

“Learning Outside the Box”

  • Fun group activities every week
  • Brain-friendly learning
  • Field trips
  • Special interest classes
  • Positive Peer Groups (for teens)

  • www.CelebrationEducation.com
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