Disneyschooling since 2006!

TWO Annual Events!

Friday, January 23, 2015

In front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle at 2pm!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In front of California Adventure at 2pm!!!

Now an international event celebrated in Anaheim, Orlando, and Hong Kong!

Not Back To School 2007
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Also join Celebration Education for classes at Disneyland throughout the school year!

The original, grassroots Disneyschooling group formed in 2006. We planned our first meet ups and coined the terms "Annual Homeschool Day at Disneyland" and "Not Back To School Day at Disneyland."

  • You get your own ticket to the theme park.
    Contact Pixie Diane for discounted group tickets.

  • You provide your own transportation.

  • Wear Tie-Dye (a t-shirt, a hat, a scarf, shoe strings, a lanyard... any tie-dyed item). You will find other participants throughout the park by looking for their tie-dye!

  • We meet up at the time and place designated above for our group photo.

  • Q.Who came up with this idea?
    A. The idea for a fun day at the theme park was suggested by our homeschooled teens. A discussion ensued on an email loop, and it happened!

    Q.Who is invited?
    A. All homeschoolers and those attending alternative schools (you get to decide if that description fits!). All ages! Parents, Kids, Grandparents, Friends...! We also welcome those who are not using alternative means of education, but do SUPPORT those alternatives!

    Q.Do I have to sign up or join something to attend?
    A. No. All you have to do is get yourself a ticket and go to the theme park!

    Q.Where can I buy tickets?
    A. Annual passports are the best deal, particularly if you plan to visit Disneyland throughout the year. All annual passports are valid on our event dates. If you only plan to attend one of our events (we recommend Homeschool Day if you have to choose between the two), we encourage you to contact Pixie Vacations for discount tickets.

    Q. Do I have to wear Tie-Dye?
    A. Certainly not, but you might have more fun if you do! Making your own tie dye shirt is a lot of fun! Make it an art & science project and wear your unique design with pride!
    Or you are welcome to use this Iron-on transfer to print off and put on your own shirt. But if you are dead-set against anything tie-dye,go ahead and wear something that identifies you as a homeschooler so that we know who you are!

    Q. Is this event sponsored by or affiliated with Disney?
    A. No, this event is not sponsored by or affiliated with Disney or Disneyland.

    Q. So, who does sponsor the event?
    A. We have lots of sponsors, that is, groups that have helped to get this event off the ground and get it publicized. But if you want to know who "owns" this event or "runs" it, just look in the mirror! It belongs to all of us! If your group would like to help publicize the event, join the DisneySchooling Loop and tell us about it!

    Q.Will there be a group photo?
    A. Yes! We are a huge crowd, and we don't want to block the pathways for others, so we'll have one designated photographer take a photo and we'll post it online for everyone to download. If we can get a theme park photographer there too, you will be able to purchase a hard copy of the photo at the park.

    Q.I have an idea for a fun activity to go with this, how can I spread the word?
    A. Join the DisneySchooling Loop and post it there!

    Q.Can I copy this page and post it to our group web site and/or loops?
    A. Yes, please spread the word!

    Here are some of the activities we've done in past years, any of which we could do again at either event. The activities we do each year vary depending on interest and volunteers. Join the Disneyschooling email list to get the latest updates!

    Admission Discounts by Pixie Vacations

    Hotel Discounts by Pixie Vacations

    Homeschool classes by Celebration Education

    Pizza Party

    Disney Official Y.E.S. Classes

    Character Breakfast

    Sing Along on the Mark Twain

    Hide and Seek on Tom Sawyer's Island

    Homeschool Section for Fantasmic or World of Color

    Scavenger hunts

    And Lots of Meet Ups to help your kids find friends to play and ride with!

    Girl Scout Meet Up

    Princess and Knight Meet Up (for the younger kids)

    Teen Meet Up

    What do YOU want to do? Join the discussion at the Disneyschooling email list

    California Homeschool Network

    Homeschooling in Orange County, CA

    South Bay Homeschool Network


    Celebration Education


    Many Disneyschooling Loop members have submitted tips for some special, unadvertised activities at the theme park. Some of these perks are not always available, they are up to the decision of the workers. Our loop members suggest that a polite request, a big smile and a little patience may get you in to one of these special opportunities.

    Honorary Citizen Button, Birthday and Celebration Buttons
    Ask for the button at City Hall on Main Street. Every once in a while, you'll get a special greeting from an alert cast member who sees it.

    The #1 Engine (C. K. Holiday) and the #2 Engine (E. P. Ripely) both occasionally allow guests to ride in the tender with the engineer. You must board one of these two trains at the Main Street Railroad Station, and ask if you can ride the tender. Only one or two guests will fit, it is a warm place to sit, and you must ride entirely around the park. The engineer and firemen love to talk about the trains and how it works.

    Mark Twain Riverboat
    When you board the Riverboat, quickly climb the stairs as high as you are allowed to go. Before the boat takes off you may ask the engineer to ride in the booth. You may be asked sign the ships log and ring the bell along the way. There is enough room for 3 adults.

    Walk to the front and be the first person in line, then ask to ride in the front car. About 4-5 guests can ride.

    Great Dining Experiences
    You can now make dining reservations at many restaurants 60 days in advance... book early to hold your spot!
    Blue Bayou is a full service restaurant overlooking the Pirates ride. Make reservations either by phone at least a week or two in advance or in person as soon as you get to the park.
    Fantasmic Show and dessert in reserved seating
    Make reservations well in advance. Seating is outside the Disney Gallery atop the Pirates ride.

    Birthday Treats
    Ask for a birthday button at City Hall. Cast members will treat you special all day.
    Ask in City Hall if there is a special call for you and you'll be directed to a phone that will ring, and Goofy will give you a birthday greeting.

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