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The Brother of Jared

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite 3 Nephi 27:27.
    Read Ether 1:1-32.
    • The book of Ether is a history of the Jaredite people. They came to this continent a long time before the Nephites and Lamanites. Ether was the prophet who wrote this book. He was a Jaredite prophet who lived near the end of the Jaredite civilization. Ether's book was found by some Nephites in about 121 B.C. and translated by King Mosiah at about 92 B.C. Now what you are about to read was abridged, or condensed, by Moroni between 400 & 421 A.D.

  2. Recite Moroni 10:4-5.
    Read Ether 1: 33-43.
    • Verse 33: Put the tower of Babel on the timeline at about 2200 B.C. Where in the world was the Tower of Babel?
    • Verses 34-39: Here are three problems mentioned. What did Jared and his brother do to solve their problems?
    • Verse 43: How long do you think they prayed?

  3. Recite the books in the Book of Mormon.
    Read Ether 2.
    • Verses 9-12: Where is this "land of promise"? These verses are Ether or Moroni talking directly to us.
    • Verse 13: It was revealed to Joseph Smith that Jared's brother's name was Mahonri Moriancumer. Therefore, the place named in this verse is named after the brother of Jared.
    • Verse 14: How does the Lord feel when you forget to pray?
    • Verses 16-21: What do you think the barges loked like?
    • Verses 22 & 23: This is a good example of how the Lord does not just do everything for us, or even tell us how to do everything. He often wants us to come up with our own solutions to our problems.

  4. Recite 1 Nephi 3:7.
    Read Ether 3.
    • Verse 2: Notice how humble the brother of Jared is.
    • Verse 6: Why didn't the brother of Jared know that the Lord had a body like unto flesh and blood? The brother of Jared did know that the Lord had a finger (see verse 4).
    • Verse 9: The brother of Jared was probably able to have such great faith because of his great humility.
    • Verse 13: This is very significant. There are a few select people on the earth who receive these promises while in mortality. Wouldn't it be nice to have the Lord tell you these things?
    • Verse 15: Apparently, prior to this experience, prophets had not seen the body of the Lord, but perhaps talked to them from a cloud, a fire, or other object.
    • Verses 23 & 28: These two stones sound like an Urim and Thumim, but since the brother of Jared was commanded to seal them up, they are probably a different urim and Thumim than the stones that King Mosiah used.

  5. Recite Ether 12:27.
    Read Ether 4.
    • Moroni wrote this chapter.
    • Verse 4: This is talking about revelation that the brother of Jared wrote down, but is not included in the scriptures today. Moroni was commanded to seal it up.
    • Verses 6 & 7: Wouldn't it be wonderful to be alive at the time when these other revelations are manifest? We need to live by the teachings in the scriptures we have now before we are given more scriptures. How else can you prepare yourself for more sacred words from the Lord?
    • Verse 8: Perhaps if we ignore the scriptures we have now we will be accursed.
    • Verse 12: This is how to know if something is from God.
    • Verses 13-15: This is how to learn the things that are hidden.

  6. Recite 1 Nephi 19:23.
    Read Ether 5.
    • This chapter is Moroni talking directly to Joseph Smith.
    • Verses 2-4: Imagine how Joseph Smith might have felt. Prior to sharing with the three witnesses, Joseph Smith was the only one who ever saw the plates. I'm sure there were people who didn't believe that he even had them. It must have been nice to have the testimony of three more people to back him up.

  7. Recite Moroni 7:16-17.
    Read Ether 6:1-12.
    • Imagine what it would have been like to make this journey.

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