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Events on the American Continent

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite Helaman 5:12.
    Read 3 Nephi 1.
    • Verse 2: Put Nephi on the Book of Mormon Progression Chart.
    • Verse 19: Put the birth of Jesus Christ on the timeline.
    • Verses 27-30: If everyone saw the signs, how could people not believe? It is because signs are not given to convert the wicked, but to reward the faithful.

  2. Recite Moroni 7:25.
    Read 3 Nephi 2.
    • Verses 5-8: These verses show three different ways that the Nephites used to count their years. Which one is the same as we use?
    • Verses 18 & 19: It has only been fifteen years since the sign of Jesus' birth. How could the people forget the meaning of the sign and become so wicked so quickly?

  3. Recite Helaman 5:12.
    Read 3 Nephi 3.
    • Verse 9: Many people believe that any ancient thing is good and worthwhile. This is not true. Evil is evil, no matter when it is thought up.
    • Verse 19: Wouldn't it be wonderful if more of the leaders in the world today had the spirit of revelation?

  4. Recite Alma 37:35.
    Read 3 Nephi 4.
    • Verse 14: Put Giddianhi on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart.
    • Verse 28: Put Zemnarihah on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart.

  5. Recite Alma 41:10.
    Read 3 Nephi 5.
    • Verse 4: How would the Nephites know that those robbers were truly converted? How could they trust them?
    • Verses 8-28: These are words that Mormon inserted here when he abridged the records. He includes part of his testimony.

  6. Recite Helaman 5:12.
    Read 3 Nephi 6.
    • Everything that happened in this chapter also occurs now in our day. As you read this chapter, try to identify similar events that happen today.

  7. Recite Moroni 7:25.
    Read 3 Nephi 7.
    • Verse 1: This is the end of the reign of the judges. The system lasted for 129 years. It was the best system of government the Nephites had had to that point. It was a good system, but it required good people to make it work. Today in the United States, we have a very good government system, which has lasted over 200 years. But it also shows signs of failing in degrees because of wickedness in our people.
    • The remainder of this chapter illustrates for us what the people on this continent were like just prior to Jesus' visit to them.

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