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Samuel the Lamanite Prophet

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite Helaman 5:12.
    Read Helaman 13:1-16.
    • Verse 5: Samuel starts talking here and his speech ends at the end of chapter 16.
    • Verses 12-14: Have you ever thought that perhaps you, as an honorable child of our Heavenly Father, may be helping to keep your city from cursings?

  2. Recite Moroni 7:25.
    Read Helaman 13:17-39.
    • Verse 25: Do you ever think back about Moses and his followers and wonder how there could be anyone who did not do as Moses says? Yes, we have a living prophet today. Are you listening to his words and applying them to your life?
    • Verse 31: What does it mean that their riches are slippery? A good explanation is found in verses 33-35.
    • Verse 38: What things do you seek for?

  3. Recite Helaman 5:12.
    Read Helaman 14:1-13.
    • Would you believe someone who prophesied of these things? Sing "Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus" (cs, p. []).
    • Verse 12: Every prophet testifies of Jesus Christ. Take some time now to read The Living Christ.

  4. Recite Moroni 7:25.
    Read Helaman 14:14-31.
    • Verses 14-19: Thee verses talk about two deaths. What are they?
    • Verses 20-27: What would you do if you were there? Would you believe him?

  5. Recite Helaman 5:12.
    Read Helaman 15.
    • Verses 7-9: How did the Lamanites become free without fighting?
    • Verses 11-13: When is this prophecy to be fulfilled?

  6. Recite Moroni 7:25.
    Read Helaman 16.
    • Verses 1-8: Sing verse seven of "Follow the Prophet" (cs. p. []). Tell the story of Samuel the Lamanite prophet. Put Samuel on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart and on the timeline.
    • Verse 10: In our day, do you identify better with "the more part of the people" or the "lesser part"?
    • Verse 22: Have you come across people who spread rumors and contentions about the church today?
    • Write a summary of the book of Helaman. You can use the chapter headings to help you.

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