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Nephi's Mission

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite Helaman 5:12.
    Read Helaman 7.
    • Verses 17 & 18: Remember that if you ever feel like God is ignoring you, it might be because you have been ignoring Him.
    • Verse 21: So many people are led away from the Lord by their worldly desires and because they busy themselves doing things that will attract the praises of men. What has been your motivation when you have found yourself using poor judgement?

  2. Recite Moroni 7:25.
    Read Helaman 8.
    • Verses 5 & 6: These people apparently have forgotten that the Lord is stronger than any city.
    • Verses 19 & 20: Who are these prophets that Nephi is talking about?
    • Verse 27: The next chapter tells what happened when some of the men went to see if Nephi was right.

  3. Recite Moroni 7:25.
    Read Helaman 9.
    • Why were those five converted when everyone else still needed more proof? Tell the story of how Nephi announced the murder of the chief judge and identified the murderer.

  4. Recite Helaman 5:12.
    Read Helaman 10.
    • Verse 5: These are some very powerful blessings that the Lord is giving to Nephi. Verse four tells what Nephi did to deserve these blessings.

  5. Recite Moroni 7:25.
    Read Helaman 11:1-21.
    • Verse 4: In the past, when the Nephites were wicked, they were cursed with a war, which humbled them so that they would repent. This time the people continue to be blood thirsty, so Nephi asks that they be cursed with a famine to humble them.
    • Verse 19: This verse is fascinating. We don't know what good and important things Lehi did. Does the fact that he doesn't receive much attention make his efforts less important than Nephi's works?

  6. Recite Helaman 5:12.
    Read Helaman 11:22-38.
    • Verses 25 & 26: Why would so many people choose to leave the comforts of the city to live in hiding in the wilderness?

  7. Recite Moroni 7:25.
    Read Helaman 12.
    • This chapter is Mormon's commentary on the last few chapters. He points out the important things we can learn from these events.
    • Verse 4: Be careful when you set your heart upon something you desire to have. These are strong words that Mormon uses to describe people that set their hearts on worldly things.
    • Verse 15: It wasn't until hundreds of years later that scientists realized that the earth moves, not the sun. How did Mormon know?

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