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The Gadianton Robbers

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite Ether 12:6.
    Read Helaman 1.
    • Verse 2: Put Pahoran on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart.
    • Verse 9: Put Pahoran (the younger) on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart.
    • Verse 13: Pacumeni must be brave to take this position, since his brother was killed just for being chief judge.
    • Verse 21: Put Pacumeni on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart.
    • Verse 23: [map]
    • Verse 28: [map]
    • Verse 30: [map] Put Coriantumr on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart.

  2. Recite Alma 32:21.
    Read Helaman 2.
    • Verse 4: This is our introduction to Gadianton, a man whose evil influence was felt for many hundred years after his death.
    • Verse 9: Put Kishkumen on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart.
    • Verses 12-14: This is Mormon interjecting his words.

  3. Recite Alma 34:32-34.
    Read Helaman 3.
    • Verses 1-13: Do you have any ideas where these people could have settled?
    • Verses 17-36: These verses show all the components of the pride cycle that occurs throughout the Book of Mormon: [chart] Watch "The Pride Cycle" on the Book of Mormon video. Identify the components of the pride cycle in these verses and label them.
    • Verse 35: This verse tells what you need to do to become sanctified.
    • Verse 37: Put Helaman (the second) on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart.

  4. Recite Alma 37:6-7.
    Read Helaman 4.
    • Verse 1: What dissentions do you think they had in the church? Do you think the same dissensions could exist in the church today?
    • Verse 5: Why were the Lamanites to successful? Why aren't the Nephites accomplishing amazing victories the way they did with Captain Moroni?
    • Verses 11-13: The Nephites are losing battles because of selfishness and pride among the church members. The opposite of selfishness and pride is charity. Turn to Moroni 7:45 to learn about charity. Mark, copy, and memorize this verse.

  5. Recite Moroni 7:25.
    Read Helaman 5:1-19.
    • The word remember is used fifteen times in these verses. Underline each one and notice these things that are important to remember.
    • Verses 6 & 7: Why were you given the name that you have? Your name can serve as a reminder to you that your parents expect you to do great things.
    • Verse 12: Mark, copy, and memorize this verse. Write what it means to you. Sing The Wise Man and the Foolish Man (CS, p.281).
    • Verses 17-19: Perhaps this could also be considered a battle won without any bloodshed.

  6. Recite Helaman 5:12.
    Read Helaman 5:20-52.
    • These verses show how God's power is strong, yet it is the still, small voice that converts. In this case, the Lamanites in the jail not only converted, but they became missionaries as well.

  7. Recite Moroni 7:25.
    Read Helaman 6:1-15
    • Verses 7-14: Why were the Nephites and Lamanites so successful?
    • Verse 15: Put Cezoram on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart.

  8. Recite Helaman 5:12
    Read Helaman 6:16-41.
    • Verses 18-21: Why is it important for such a detailed description of secret combinations to be included in the scriptures?

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