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Captain Moroni vs. Amalakiah

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite Ether 12:6.
    Read Alma 46:1-22.
    • Verses 1-7: These verses show how a church member can become an enemy to the church. It is a typical pattern that starts with people who resent being called to repentance, then they hate their leaders and then have a desire for power.
    • Verses 11-22: Imagine this scene in a movie. If you made a Title of Liberty, what would it look like? Watch "Firm in the Faith of Christ" on the Book of Mormon video.
    • Verse 12: What things are the Righteous Nephites fighting for?
    • Verse 15: This is a good definition of what a Christian is.

  2. Recite Alma 32:21.
    Read Alma 46:23-41.
    • Verses 23-27: What Joseph is Moroni talking about?
    • Verses 28-35: This is a battle that Moroni won without any combat.

  3. Recite Alma 34:32-34.
    Read Alma 47:1-19.
    • Amalickiah is a very clever man. These verses tell how he was able to become commander of the Lamanite armies.

  4. Recite Alma 37:6-7.
    Read Alma 47:20-36.
    • These verses tell how Amalickiah was to become the Lamanite King.
    • Verse 36: It is common for those who had truth and turn away from it to become worse than those who never had it, like these Nephite dissenters did.

  5. Recite Alma 37:35.
    Read Alma 48.
    • Moroni was a mighty man of God. Underline the things in this chapter that tell what made him great. Which of the qualities could you improve on in your life? What would the world be like if there were more people like Moroni?

  6. Recite Alma 41:10.
    Read Alma 49.
    • Again, the Nephites won a battle without a single Nephite dying. Notice how the Nephites are still ahead of the Lamanites in technology. How did they know how to do that? Why did they even bother? The Lord said he would protect them if they stay close to him. Why don't they skip all the hard labor and just pray harder?

  7. Recite Ether 12:6.
    Read Alma 50:1-24.
    • Verse 1: Captain Moroni is a good example for us. We live in a time when there are wars and rumors of war. We need to be prepared.
    • Verse 13: Put the cities of Moroni, Nephihah, and Lehi on the map.
    • Verses 19-23: Mormon put these verses in to point out what you can learn by reading about these wars.

  8. Recite Alma 32:21.
    Read Alma 50:25-40.
    • Verse 25: Put Morianton on the map.
    • Verses 25-36: It is interesting how the people of Morianton were forced to be free. Moroni didn't allow them to leave. This is like the American Civil War. The South was not allowed to leave the Union.
    • Verse 37: Put Nephihah on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes Chart.
    • Verse 38: Put Helaman on the Book of Mormon Record Keepers page.

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