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The Wars Begin

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite Alma 41:10.
    Read Alma 43:1-14.
    • Verse 4: The Zoramites were Nephites who turned away from the gospel. Those that preached to them were treated poorly; one was even killed. Put Jershon on the map.
    • Verse 5: Put Antionum on the map.
    • Verse 6: The Amalekites also rejected those that preached the gospel. They followed after the order of the Nehors, which was priestcraft.
    • Verses 6-8: The Amalekites and Zoramites used the Lamanite army to fight the Nephites. Why did they want to fight the Nephites.
    • Verse 9: What was important to the Nephites?

  2. Recite Alma 34:32-34.
    Read Alma 43:15-33.
    • Moroni was a great captain, which you will see over the next few chapters. Even before the fighting begins, you can see how wise he is. Take notice of what Moroni does in verses 19, 23 (two things in this verse), and 33.
    • Verses 24-34: Perhaps this is what the set-up looked like: [map]

  3. Recite Alma 37:6-7.
    Read Alma 43:34-54.
    • Verse 35: [map]
    • Verses 40 & 41: [map]
    • Verse 42: [map]
    • Verses 45-47: It is important to note what the Nephites were fighting for. War is, at times, a necessity. These verses show when war might be appropriate.
    • Verses 51 & 52: [map]

  4. Recite Alma 37:35.
    Read Alma 44.
    • This chapter is very dramatic. Try to imagine that you're watching this scene in a movie.
    • Verse 5: Here Moroni explains the reason why the Nephite army is so strong.
    • Verse 9: Zarahemna said the Nephites are stronger because of their armor, not because of their faith. What do you think?

  5. Recite Alma 41:10.
    Read Alma 45.
    • Verse 1: It is interesting that the Nephites fasted, not because they wanted something from the Lord, but to thank the Lord.
    • Verses 6 & 7: Why does Alma say, "Keep my commandments"? What about God's commandments?
    • Verses 18 & 19: It sounds as if Alma was translated. What does that mean? Do you know of anyone else in the scriptures that were translated? Put Alma (the younger) on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart.

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