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Alma's Advice to Corianton

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite Alma 37:35.
    Read Alma 39.
    • Verse 4: It sounds like Corianton had tried to blame Isabel for his own sins. Do you ever try to justify your mistakes, make excuses for yourself, or blame others for your own bad choices?
    • Verse 5: Having sex with someone that you are not married to is a very serious sin, next to murder.
    • Verse 17: It sounds like Corianton doubted some of the basic principles of the Gospel. It is a common for an unrepentant sinner to lose faith in many things.

  2. Recite Alma 37:6-7.
    Read Alma 40.
    • This chapter is a good explanation of what happens to your body and spirit at death, in the spirit world, and at resurrection.

  3. Recite Alma 37:35.
    Read Alma 41.
    • Verse 1: When Alma says that "some have wrested the scriptures", he means that some people preach false interpretations of the prophesies in the scriptures.
    • Verse 10: Mark, copy, and memorize this verse. Write what it means to you.

  4. Recite Alma 41:10.
    Read Alma 42:1-15.
    • Verses 2-5: Adam was protected from eating from the tree of life. What tree did he eat from?
    • Verse 9: What are these two deaths spoken of? How are we reclaimed from these deaths?

  5. Recite Alma 41:10.
    Read Alma 42:16-31.
    • Verses 16-24: How are repentance, sin, laws, and punishments all part of God's plan for us?
    • Verse 25: Watch "The Mediator" in the Book of Mormon video.
    • Verse 30: Don't make excuses for your sins!

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