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Alma Gets a Missionary Companion

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite 2 Nephi 2:27.
    Read Alma 8.
    • Verses 1-5: Alma's preaching in Melek was successful.
    • Verses 10 & 11: Even though Alma prayed hard that the people would listen to him, they still did not. Alma was humble and sincere and he was praying for something good, but the people of Ammonihah still used their agency to choose wickedness.
    • Verse 18: It would seem like Alma did his best the first time. He might think that it's pointless to go back, but Alma obeyed right away. In the nest six chapters we will see the effect Alma and Amulek's preaching had on the people.

  2. Recite 2 Nephi 9:28-29.
    Read Alma 9:1-17.
    • Verses 9 & 10: It is important to remember the good things that God has done for you.
    • Verse 15: Why will judgment Day be more tolerable for the Lamanites then for the people of Ammonihah?

  3. Recite 2 Nephi 28:7-9.
    Read Alma 9:18-34.
    • Verse 18: Alma prophesied that if these people do not repent, the Lamanites will destroy them.
    • Verse 30: These are very strong words that Alma used against them. Often it is not kind to talk like this, even when it is true. However, an angel told Alma what he should say. In this verse meet means fit, suitable, proper.

  4. Recite 2 Nephi 32:3.
    Read Alma 10:1-12.
    • This chapter is the first record of Amulek's preaching. He is just a beginner, but he does a great job! How do you think he does it?
    • Verse 2: We don't have a record of the story of Aminadi, who interpreted the writing on the wall of the temple.
    • Verse 6: How could Amulek know these things, yet not know? Do you ever do that?

  5. Recite 2 Nephi 32:8-9.
    Read Alma 10:12-32.
    • Verses 22 & 23: Amulek confirms what Alma said, that unless they repent they will be destroyed. Notice why they haven't been destroyed already. Did you know that your prayers could keep others from destruction?
    • Verse 32: Gain is money or other material possessions. Zeezrom knows he gets more money if there are more problems.

  6. Recite Jacob 2:18-19.
    Read Alma 11:1-19.
    • Verse 3: A judge got paid depending on the amount of time he worked. What could a judge do to get more work for himself?
    • Verses 5-19: Which silver coin is the most valuable?

  7. Recite Mosiah 2:17.
    Read Alma 11:20-46.
    • Verse 22: One onti is a lot of money, according to the schedule earlier in this chapter.
    • Verse 25: Wow! Amulek knew what Zeezrom was thinking!
    • Verse 35: See how Zeezrom twists and changes Amulek's words?
    • Verse 38: How would you answer this question? See Mosiah 3:8. Notice how Jesus is called the Father.
    • Verses 41-45: Everyone will be "saved" because everyone will be resurrected and have a perfect body in the eternities. We will also be judged and receive glory depending on how we have lived our lives.

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