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Alma's Preaching

One Week of Studies

You're doing great! Look how much you've read so far! You've already read the most difficult parts of the Book of Mormon. Now brace yourself. Alma is the longest book in the Book of Mormon.

  1. 143. Recite 2 Nephi 32:8-9.
    Read Alma 1:1-15.
    • Verses 2-4: These verses are talking about Nehor, a very clever man. He took the truth and twisted it just enough for the people to believe him and give him what he wanted. This was a free society, so it was not against the law to preach against the church.
    • Verses 5 & 6: There are many people in our day that go about preaching their own religion so that they can makes lots of money for themselves.
    • Verse 8: This is the same Gideon who, years ago, almost killed wicked King Noah.
    • Verse 12: What is priestcraft? Hundreds of years prior, Nephi saw priestcrafts among his people. For a good definition of what priestcraft is, read what Nephi wrote in 2 Nephi 26:29.
    • Verses 13-15: The Nephites practiced capitol punishment. That means that Nehor was put to death for killing Gideon, an innocent man. Put Nehor on the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart. Remember the name Nehor. His name will come up later in this book.

  2. Recite Jacob 2:18-19.
    Read Alma 1:16-33.
    • Verses 25-31: These are attributes of righteous people.

  3. Recite Mosiah 2:17.
    Read Alma 2:1-14.
    • Verse 1: Look at the pronunciation guide in the back of the Book of Mormon to find out how to say Amlici.

  4. Recite Mosiah 3:19.
    Read Alma 2:15-38.
    • Verse 15: Put the hill Amnihu and the river Sidon on the map.
    • Verse 20: Put the valley of Gideon on the map.
    • Verse 24: Put the land of Minon on the map.
    • Verse 30: We don't know if Alma spent a lot of time practicing fighting, but this verse does tell us in what way he did exercise.
    • Verse 31: Put Amlici in the Heroes/Anti-Heroes chart. The Nephites were faithful to the Lord, therefore the Lord protected and strengthened them in battle, even when they were greatly outnumbered.
    • Verse 37: Put the wilderness of Hermounts on the map.

  5. Recite Mosiah 4:30.
    Read Alma 3.
    • Verses 1-3: So much death and sorrow because one wicked man, Amlici, wanted power and glory for himself. This is a tool that Satan uses every day. Have you ever caught yourself being unkind to others so that you can get what you want?
    • Verses 4 & 5: Notice how the wicked people mark themselves, have extreme hairstyles, and dress immodestly. It is not too much different from our day. We should be careful with the way we dress and present ourselves so that we are not confused with wicked people.

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