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Conversion, Government

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite Jacob 2:18-19.
    Read Mosiah 25.
    • Verses 8-11: The people had great compassion, which helped them feel joy and sorrow for others.
    • Verse 22: Arenít these the first principles of the gospel?
    • Verse 24: The Lord blesses his people.

  2. Recite Mosiah 2:17.
    Read Mosiah 26:1-12.
    • Verse 6: It is also a problem today that church members become confused by the many wonderful things the world has to offer. They care more for the things of the world than things of a spiritual nature. How can you make sure this doesnít happen to you?
    • Verse 12: Why wouldnít the king judge them?

  3. Recite Mosiah 3:19.
    Read Mosiah 26:12-39.
    • Verse 20: Alma was blessed to already know that he would have eternal life!
    • Verses 31: We should forgive others. If we donít, the Lord will not forgive us.

  4. Recite Mosiah 4:30.
    Read Mosiah 27:1-19.
    • Verse 14: These boys did nothing to invite the angel to them. It was the prayers of their fathers and others that brought about this miracle.

  5. Recite 2 Nephi 2:27.
    Read Mosiah 27:19-37.
    • Verses 24 & 25: When you humble yourself before God and repent, you are born again. Everyone should become born again. Are you?
    • Verse 29: Underline the things Alma suffered because of his wickedness. Underline the blessings Alma received because he repented.
    • Verse 32: Alma used to go around persecuting the believers. Now he goes around teaching the truth and people persecute him for believing.

  6. Recite 2 Nephi 9:28-29.
    Read Mosiah 28.
    • Verse 1: The sons of Mosiah had compassion on the Lamanites, their enemies. They wanted to preach to them. What good could come of that?
    • Verse 17: Do you know what people this is talking about?
    • Verse 20: Add Alma (the younger) to the Golden Plates progression chart.

  7. Recite 2 Nephi 28:7-9.
    Read Mosiah 29:1-27.
    • This chapter gives a few examples of good and bad government structures.
    • Verses 13 & 17: Why is a monarchy (rule by a king) not a good idea?
    • Verse 26: This is why democracy (rule by the people) works better. How does our government today compare to this system?

  8. Recite 2 Nephi 32:3.
    Read Mosiah 29:28-46.
    • Verse 42: This is the younger Alma, the one who was wicked, then converted by an angel. His father is the one who was a wicked priest until he was converted by Abinadi. Put Alma and king Mosiah on the Good-Guys/Bad Guys Chart. Put the beginning of the reign of the judges on the timeline.
    • Write a summary of the book of Mosiah. You can use chapter headings to help you.

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