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- XX -
Captivity and Freedom

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite Mosiah 4:30.
    Read Mosiah 21 1-18.
    • Verses 2-3: This is what Abinadi said would happen.
    • Verse 8-12: They still haven’t repented. The Lord will bless them when they do.
    • Verse 14: Aha! This is what Heavenly Father wants them to do!
    • Verse 23: Remember Ammon who came from Zarahemla to see how the Nephites were doing doing in Lehi-Nephi? We’re back to that part of the story now.
    • Verses 25-27: The Jaredites had once lived in the land that they found. We will read the Jaredite history translated from the plates of ore. It’s the book of Ether.
    • Verses 30-35: Yes! They really have repented! Now they’re really ready to be saved!

  2. Recite 2 Nephi 28:7-9
    Read Mosiah 22.
    • Verse 3: Again, this is the same Gideon that almost killed Limhi’s father Noah.
    • Verse 13: Gideon’s plan worked. They all got to Zarahemla safely. They were blessed.

  3. Recite 2 Nephi 32:3.
    Read Mosiah 23:1-19.
    • This chapter and the next one are about Alma and the people that went with him into the wilderness to escape King Noah.
    • Verses 6-13: This is a good explanation of why a monarchy (rule by a king) is not good government.
    • Verse 14: As a priest of King Noah, Alma did not keep the commandments. Instead he, along with the other wicked priests, taught the people to sin.

  4. Recite [].
    Read Mosiah 23:20-39.
    • Verse 21: Alma’s followers were good people, yet the Lord wanted to chasten them to try their patience and faith. Many people seem to have faith as long as it is easy to do so, but when hardships come along, people often lose patience and faith. Do you ever lose patience and faith in the Lord? What would be an appropriate response when hardships come along? Have you ever thought that hardships are blessings from the Lord because he wants you to learn and grow?

  5. Recite 2 Nephi 32:8-9.
    Read Mosiah 24.
    • Verse 15: They had lots of hardships, but the Lord wanted to bless them for their faithfulness. The Lord made their burdens light, and the people did their work cheerfully. Did you know that if you have a good attitude and a desire to do what’s right the Lord can help you, too?
    • Verses 16-20: The bondage and deliverance of Alma’s people was a lot easier than the bondage ond deliverance of King Limhi and his people. Why would the Lord bless one group of people more than another? What can you do to gain favor with Heavenly Father?
    • Remember that Alma’s people already had faith, but they were still subject to the evils of others.
    • Tell the story of Alma and his people.

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