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Eight Prophets

One Week of Studies
  1. Recite 2Nephi 32:3.
    Read the Book of Enos.
    • In this chapter, you can learn what a great power prayer can be.
    • Verse 2: Underline the word wrestle. That does it mean to wrestle before God? Have you ever wrestled in this way?
    • Verse 3: Apparently Enos was not happy because of his sins. Enos wanted to repent so that he could be happy again.
    • Verse 4: Underline the word hungered. Have you ever hungered for righteousness? Taking the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time communicating with Heavenly Father can bring about a life-changing experience. Read on to see what happens with Enos.
    • Verse 8: This is a spiritual healing.
    • Verse 9: Once Enosí sins are forgiven, he prays for his friends and family.
    • Verse 11: After praying for his friends and family, Enos prays for his enemies.
    • Verse 15: Underline the second half of this verse, starting at whatsoever.
    • Verse 16: Do you know what time this is referring to?
    • Verse 25: Put Enos on the timeline.
    • Verse 27: Add Enos to the Heroes/Anti-Heroes Chart.

  2. Recite 2 Nephi 32:8-9.
    Read the Book of Jarom.
    • This book illustrates the relationship between freedom and keeping the commandments.
    • Verse 1: Add Jarom to the Golden Plates Progression Chart.

  3. Recite 2 Nephi 32:8-9.
    Read Omni 1:1-11.
    • The Book of Omni contains the writings of five succeeding prophets. Each wrote a brief summary of their times.
    • Verse 1: Add Omni to the Golden Plates Progression Chart.
    • Verse 2: Add Amaron to the Golden Plates Progression Chart.
    • Verse 7: The Lord protects the righteous.
    • Verse 8: Add Chemish to the Golden Plates Progression Chart.
    • Verse 9: This is all that Chemish wrote. He mentioned that he saw his brother Amaron wrote on the plates the same day that he gave them to Chemish. This is one reason why we keep journals. If you wait until youíre almost dead to write about your life, you leave a lot out.
    • Verse 10: Add Abinadom to the Golden Plates Progression Chart.

  4. Recite 2 Nephi 38:7-9.
    Read Omni 1:12-30.
    • Verse 12: Add Ameleki to the Golden Plates Progression Chart.
    • Verse 13: King Mosiah and the obedient Nephites left the land of Nephi and went far away to Zarahamla. Add Zarahemla to your map.
    • Verses 15-19: Zarahemla was a land full of people that the Nephites hadnít known of. Similar to Lehiís family, the Lord brought these people out of Jerusalem and across the ocean to the American Continent. Unfortunately, they didnít bring any scriptures with them, and they didnít keep any records themselves. Therefore, they forgot the commandments and their language had changed. These people are known as the Mulekites.
    • Verses 20-22: These verses refer to a third group of people who were lead to the American Continent long before these other groups. They had their own language and kept records. Their records were translated and are now the Book of Ether, which Moroni inserted near the back of the Book of Mormon. These people are known as the Jaredites.
    • Verse 25: Add King Benjamin to the Golden Plates Progression Chart. Underline the end of this verse after the semicolon.
    • Verse 26: Underline Come unto Christ. Amaleki was talking directly to us when he wrote this.
    • Verses 27-30: A group of Nephites when back to the Land of Nephi to live. We will learn what happened to them later. Add Shiloh to your map.

  5. Recite 2 Nephi 32:3.
    Read the Words of Mormon.
    • Mormon abridged all but the last three books in the Book of Mormon, and then put his own book in. This is the first time he inserts his own words.
    • Notice the date in Omni compared to the date in the Words of Mormon. Put this on the timeline.
    • Verses 1-11: Mormon talks about different sets of records. They include:
      • The Book of Mormon
      • The large plates of Nephi, a historical record
      • The small plated of Nephi, a religious record
      • The set of records Mormon abridged
    • Can you tell which verses talk about which records?
    • Verse 2: Mormon knows that the Nephites will soon be destroyed.
    • Verse 17: King Benjamin was a good king.

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